December 31st, 2009

new years

Writer's Block: To auld lang syne

Do you usually call your friends and/or family on New Year's Eve? Do you watch the countdown or ball drop on TV or choose to ignore it? What are your favorite New Year traditions?

Normally I always celebrate at home with the kids and as they got older, their friends. I also invite my friends and their kids. I make alot of snack type food, like little sausages and cheesball, summer sausage and crackers, chips and dip, mushroom roll ups and such..
I have always had sparking cider for the kids, and champagne for the adults, {the cheap kind} although now mine want to drink the real champagne...
But we do fireworks most of the night, esp at midnight and also watch the New Year come in all over the world on TV...We also watch football if there are games on, and New Years Day we watch football all day also.
I do call most everyone who is not here and tell them happy New Year..Sometimes I wait and call New Years Day if I am drunk...LOL champagne gets me FAST.
That's the plan for this New Year's eve.
I think it is interesting to see what everyone else does.....