April 29th, 2013


Well back home

Well, I got back home on 4/20/2013 and took a week off to regroup, get some stuff done and relax. I did get some stuff done and got to see everyone at work and friends to get that over with so it would not be awkward when I came back to work. I mean everyone knows my mom died. Everyone knows I was up there taking care of her. I am still tired, mainly because I kept busy all week last week and came back to work on Saturday 4/27/2013.
Relay for life was on Friday 4/26/2013. This year was very hard- I just could not stay all night- I felt like I let my team down but they understood I think.
I hope so anyhow, just couldn't do it this year it was very emotional for me.
I miss my mother so much!
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