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yes I am still here..

Sorry Live journal, I am always on Facebook. If you would like to add me there also or tell me how to add you I can and will. Mine is
Life has been hectic and good for the most part.
Quick run down on everyone Tim is still at Fridays working he and his girlfriend Catlin are living together at Tim's trailer. Things are good with them. He just made a BP claim today as well.
Justin was lucky and filed a BP claim early he has gotten about $7,000.00 over 2 months time. He and Ashlea broke up and Alexa and her guy Louie broke up so Justin and Alexa got an apartment together and are making a go of it. They both work which helps too. Jayden is happy to have mommy and daddy both.
Thomas is back living here, he came home Sept 6. I told him to to college or Votech and /or get a job. he is 17 and has his diploma.
On labor day , for a number of reason's, I had to ask George to leave, I kicked him out. He wants to work things out but I think it is past that.
So I am having some me time which is awesome. School is going great this is the last week of this term and new one begins Oct 11, I already chose my classes with my counselor so my books will come in the mail as well as any software. Next term I will be taking Computer applications and also medical office ethics and duties. Two easy ones I hope..I also filed a claim with BP-- last summer I drove a cab all summer this year there was not enough business for me to work.So I have to bring a copy of my taxes and a letter from my boss I had when driving.Also gearing up for working at Jackson Hewitt this year for tax seson again..
OK quick up date > I will write more later.

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