Jen (jen_floridagal) wrote,

One day at a time

Things are declining. Mom is now completely bedridden, she must have the oxygen or she gets too short of breath. She is wearing briefs since she can no longer get up to use the bedside commode, and she has a catheter. I hate seeing her declining. I hate the fact that she is trapped in bed because she is too weak to get up anymore. I hate hearing that deep rumble cough and seeing her struggle to breath. I really hate cancer and how it destroys people. My mom has been battling breast cancer since 2001. It's been a long 12 year fight
. All the chemo has just reeked havoc on her body. The surgut yes have left scars. But her spirit is still strong and her smile always brightens the day. Sigh I wish I could fix this for her. But I can't. All I can do is make sure her quality of life is the best it can be for as long as she's here..this can't go on like this forever!

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